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Your headlines need to be as clear as possible

-One headline should be for one goal, one topic only
-Your headlines need to directly relate to your offers and CTA (Call To Action)
-Emphasize your USP (Unique Selling Point)


-It needs to include your unique value proposition
-Use sub-headers to make your offers even clearer
-Sub-header should serve the sole purpose of CTA

Message matching

-Landing page CTA messages should match what is in your ad
-Language and phrasing in your ad and your landing page need to be similar

Is your page clear enough for legibility

-Can readers easily scan for info?
-Is the font large and clean enough to read?
-Can readers read your page with just little effort?

Does your page make customers feel the need for action

-Are your making your visitors have the feeling of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)?
-Does your page have a strong CTA message?

Use the right tone

-Do you sound like humans in your copy?
-Are you making your customers feel like they are having a warm conversation with you?

Add alt-text (alternative text) to your images

-Alt-text helps customers be able to understand the image more and get the demonstration idea even when the images break
-There should be no more than 70 words in alt-text for each image
-Alt-text is a simple yet effective tool to improve your SEO ranking

Images that serve USP (unique selling point)

-If you are selling products, there should be someone using your product in the images
-People should get a glimpse of how your products work via your images

Your image should support a single goal of CTA


-People should be able to see your brand identity through the landing pages
-Those landing pages should also include your brand’s theme such as color and font


Landing pages can have stories to trigger the right emotion of your customers

The right infographic can guide your customers to CTA

Use the right colors

-With right colors, they can evoke the emotion and lead to CTA faster
-Make sure your CTA message and the action button are distinguished

CTA button need to be clear

-It needs to stand out from the rest of the elements in your page
-The shape and color of the button should be easy to recognize

Message in the CTA button

-To stand out, you should avoid generic message like “click here”, “submit”
-You can go far more specific by putting an entire sentence into the CTA button

Adjust the threat levels to connect directly to the visitors’ stage

-You should test and observe to see if the threat level is high enough to convince your visitors to act
-But keep in mind that if threat levels are too high, they will bring negative effects

The closer your form length to be optimal, the better

People tend to assume short form is the best, but usually, it’s not the case

Consider setting up multi-steps form

-Multi-steps form can take lead your visitors from less threatening page to the pages with a higher threat, this will help convert your visitors bit by bit which doesn’t make them feel annoyed or frustrated
-The least threatening page should appear first in your landing page

Consider removing navigation bars in your landing pages

-Some tests have shown that removing navigation bars improve the conversion rate in your landing pages tremendously
-Make sure your visitors know what to do when they come to the pages

Your layout should be responsive cross platforms

-People nowadays can access your site from multiple devices including smartphones, so make sure your web site be responsive for all of those devices
-It’s better to create a dedicated landing page for mobile

Test your landing page to see if it has the right length

There is no specific length that works best for every landing page, testing the page’s performance will help you figure out the optimized length for the page

Positioning your logo is important

-Because many people put their logos in the top-left corner of their pages, it becomes somewhat standard
-To make your visitors feel familiar with that standard/trend, you may want to follow the positioning as well
-Another standard in logo design is that people can click on it to return to your homepage

Footer may be a distraction

Removing footer will help remove the distraction that it brings to the CTA message

Your landing page should be mobile-friendly

-People should be able to see your full landing page on mobile
-In addition, test your landing page on all platforms to ensure its stability

Test your functional elements to make sure they work in all of the interactive parts

Including thank-you page

-Your thank-you page should be optimized and well-planned for the next steps
-This page is a good chance to seal the deal with your customers, so make sure to include conversion elements (ability to share, secondary CTA, link to other content, email address submission form)

Opt-in experience

-Your customers should be able to know what to expect if they engage the offer, as well as what happens next after they click the CTA button
-This experience needs to be clear as well

Apply a blink test

After 5 seconds, if your customers can’t figure out what the CTA messages are, then your page design is not clear enough

You need a clear obvious Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

-Without too much thinking, your visitors should know what your unique value proposition is
-All of the elements in your landing page should reflect the unique value proposition, for that the single goal of your page is focused

The fewer distractions, the better

Make sure you have good spacings, a clean and clear design, 1:1 attention ratio


-Go through your page to see if you have left out any irrelevant info or extra verbiage
-Keep your CTA message clean and clear by simplifying all of the elements of your page

Show trustworthy proof

A good way to convince your visitors is to show them the proof of users using your products or services

Include safety badges

To make your customers feel safer, you should include badges and logos of companies which provide safety service

Put up testimonials

Showing stories, quotes about customers’ satisfaction with your products will help a lot

Be real with your proofs

Don’t use made-up stories or quotes, because it will affect your brand badly if your customers find out the truth

Better not include words that trigger negative thinkings

Sometimes people add promises to make their customers not worry about spamming or info selling. But in many cases, their customers don’t even think about those negative things before they’re mentioned

Evoke the right emotions

To make it more convincing, beyond giving your customers their desired value, you can trigger their emotions with things like sale growth, side value, life-improving factors