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Setting up analytics and conversion tracking

This is basis but very important. You may use tool to your liking but most people like to use Google Analytics. It will be pointless if you can’t track any of your visitor actions and conversion rate.
In Analytics, you can set up your conversion goals so that you can know when someone does something for where the came from. You can even see the exact link that they used to come to your site.
Tip: By adding “Referral Path” as a second dimension on the conversion goal, it will let you see even the page on the domain that people used before they came to your page.
Make sure that you can actually track conversions. For example, it will be easier to track if a page (a “thank you” page) pops up after visitors sign up to waiting list.

Pay attention to unwelcome analytics traffic

Your conversion rate has to be accurate if you want to improve it effectively. If you look hard enough in your Analytics you can see there are a lot of unwelcome traffic that can mess up your data measurement.

Maintain good loading speed

A low loading speed can turn down a lot of visitors. If the site takes more than 4 seconds to load, it’s too long in most cases.
These tools may help improve the loading speed: – it shows you the reason why it takes too long to load – use this tool if you need more reports than just loading speed. - this tool give more insights by using many other api

Have the others given you feedback

Enough feedback is very important for measurements, sometimes you need to hire people to do it. – provide you feedback from real people – do the purpose with videos

Make your website appear to be trustful

Consider using padlock icons and secure method like McAfee secure.

Visitors need to be landing on your targeted page

Attracting them to visit on your pages is not good enough, you have to make sure that the visitors will land on the pages where they’re most likely to be converted. For example, showing them the most relevant information and the necessary paths.

Speak to the customers in their way

They should be able to see how much you care about them. And you’re acting on their behalf.

Bring up the customers’ fears and solve them

If you can reach the customers’ fears and offer them solution, your sale will improve a lot.

Have you applied the “common rule”?

Make sure that no page is a dead-end. Every page should have the path that leads to the targeted location where the customers are likely to make decisions.

Broken links and other issues should be concerned

404 errors, broken links/images will reduce the trust of your visitors, be sure to check them regularly.
You can use tools such as W3C Validator to check.

Pay attention to your brand and logo

Your brand should not stray too far away from common sense or bring up any big controversy (religions for example). The logo is very important as well, a badly designed logo may turn people away really quick.

Make sure people know what you are selling

Having an unclear pitching will make it really hard to convert people.

Mobile phone is a big trend nowadays

People using mobile to browse is increasing really fast. Be sure that you pay enough attention to the trend and have what it takes to convert people using their mobile to browse your website.

Do you know where people drop off?

Use Google Analytics to see where people drop off. A dead end page will be one of the main reasons people leave you website. You can fix the problem by giving those pages the proper paths so that the visitors can keep on moving toward the targeted destination.

Too much unnecessary traffic is not a good thing

Improve conversion rate by focusing on the traffic that is really interesting for sale target.

Have money back guarantee or something similar

This will improve your customers trust a lot and will encourage them more to buy your service.

Add SSL and make sure it works all right

Even non-technical visitors will feel safer when a padlock appears in the address bar. A SSL certificate will make people trust your website even more.

A phone number is strongly recommended

By adding a phone number, you’re doing serious business.

A proper email address will make it look more professional

Having a company email address will give your website a more professional look than those email addresses from Gmail or Yahoo.

The street address can help improve trust

Give your customers a place where they can look for you on a map will make them feel safer when making any decision.

Are your forms optimized?

Having well-optimized forms with fewer boxes to fill, fewer options will make the visitors more likely to fill out your forms.

Adding live chat is recommended

People will trust and find it more convenient when the site has live chat set up, where they can interact with real people.

Having a section where you talk about yourself is a plus

When you have photos, information about you and your staffs, it will make the customers feel friendlier and may give them a better connection toward your company.

Handle abandoned orders

With abandoned orders, you should try to contact those customers to see what make them decline their decisions. You can even give them discount codes or coupons as a way to attract them to come back to your site.

Win them over by series of email

Converting people is not easy, while you can’t convince them to buy right away, you may want to follow them with a series of introductory emails to slowly close them.

Lead magnets

Another way to get people to come to your site is giving them a lead magnet when sending them introductory emails (price update for example)

Your site needs to look attractive

This may sound obvious, but if there so many flaws in design, people will just ignore your website and go to the next one after a few seconds. And the look should be always up-to-date as well.

Social accounts will give you an extra edge in competition

Social media is a big trend and it doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. Having active social accounts with interesting content sometimes is enough for people to become a fan of your business.

What do your customers say about you?

Having testimonials on your site will improve people trust a lot. The more details about the reviewers, the better.

A good case study is sometimes all you need

Showing how your products already impact people’s lives or an example of how your products do it is a very good way to convince people to buy.

Opt-in locations

There has to be a convenient way for people to sign up to your mailing list, making that option appear often enough is one way to do it (such as links, popup).

Call To Actions technique is needed to close deals

The right combination of colors and words will trigger people to click that “buy” button on your site. Make sure to test it regularly.

A certain type of service will need newsletter more than the others

If you’re running the service that people will use occasionally (like traveling), providing newsletter will keep people updated about what is happening with your service.

Using popups

This method may work but you should use it carefully since it’s annoying sometimes. For people who are leaving anyway, the recommendation is having 3 pop running at a time and test to see which convert people the best and the worst. Then take out what doesn’t work while adding new ones.

Do you A/B test your site enough?

If you have a decent amount of unique visitors per month, it’s essential to test the whole site on a regular basis to see which area convert people the most. It can be as easy as testing the click rate of the A button versus the B button.

Recording visitors’ behaviors

Another method that you can apply is to record their movements while they visit your site. By doing that, you can see what may lead to order drop-offs or abandoning carts.


There are cases where people are not converted right away, you can show them ads and try to connect with them. And after they’ve done enough research or are more willing to buy, you can close them later.

Using a blog

A blog can help you connect and convince your audience while allowing you to apply numerous methods (introducing, sharing, teaching). When an audience becomes a fan, they will support you and your products much more.

Proper conversion and sales funnel

Sometimes you have to lead your visitors through a long process for them to make a purchase decision. With those situations, a well-planned sales funnel will help you smoothly convince your potential customers in a long run.

Having more than one payment option

Some people may prefer one payment option over the others since it gives them a bonus from the provider, or they just trust that option more. Set up multiple payment options will make people feel more convenience when they make a purchase.

Financing options

Money can be an issue sometimes, especially with big purchases, not having flexible financing plans may drive people away.

Consider adding a review section

Allowing customers to review your products after they make a purchase is a very convincing feature. This gives your visitors the idea that your business is transparent and trustful.

Exploit the “fear of missing out”

Limited-time offers with attractive prices will urge your customers to make purchasing decisions faster. Therefore, I will have less time to come up with excuses to not buy.

Create a not-so-good alternative reality when your product/service is absent

Oftentimes people just don’t realize how useful your service can be. You can emphasize the usage of your service by showing them an alternative reality where your service can help them in a lot of ways.

Become a part of a more popular website

You may want to consider reaching out to a more popular website and ask them to let your website to be a part of theirs. You may have to provide them content in exchange for being a recommendation from them. This method will cost you more efforts but you can gain access to their customers base.

Create attractive and informative headlines

Some people only read headlines before they move to another site or topic. You can use your headline as a persuasive tool by including words that call for actions. In another way, headlines can serve the purpose of attracting people to read the entire copy on your page. To be able to do that, your first headline has to attract people to read your first paragraph, and your first paragraph has to lead people to your second headline, and so on.

Some words can convert better than the others

Look for proven words that are powerful in converting, you can look for them from famous magazines, successful marketers’ blogs, and vlogs, or you can even pay them to gain access to their swipe files.

Check your grammars carefully

Grammar mistakes may hurt your credibility more than you think.

Look after your writing style

Always search for words that can convert and get familiar with them. Try to avoid unnecessary words.

Search functions

If you have a variety of items for sale, you should add search functions for your customers to gain quick access to the items that they’re looking for.

Offer interesting shipping fees

People will find it more convincing to buy when they see a free or a low-cost shipping fee.


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